The Details

Who: Everyone. Artists and creatives of any kind. Professionals, closet creatives, weekend warriors. Any art form, any medium, any creative act.

What: An online community of people who make art and support each other in the creative process.

Where: Everywhere.

When: Anytime. TIP Founder, Harper Addison, will be sharing the process for her latest creative project with you each week and invites anyone and everyone to join in on projects of their own.

Why: We all need a little push to get started sometimes. You’ll find inspiration, community, conversation, and accountability. The best part? We go wherever you go.

How It All Works
TIP Founder, Harper Addison, is embarking on a new creative process of diving deep with a single idea. Sitting with it over a period of time. Investigating. Asking questions. Making things.

She will share her process each week and invites the community to join her in the process with projects of their own. The goal is that we each investigate the thing that interests us, but do it in tandem with each other, share our discoveries, and support one another in the process.

TIP was founded on the premise of weekly creative prompts sent out to the community and those will still be available for purchase in list form if you just need a little inspiration or a creative kick in the pants.