What We Do

The Deets

Who: Artists and creatives of any kind. Professionals, closet creatives, weekend warriors. Any art form, any medium, any creative act.

What: We are an online community of people who create.

Where: Anywhere in the world.

When: Anytime. One prompt per week is posted. It’s your choice when to create and share. The power is in your hands.

Why: We all need a little push to get started sometimes. You’ll find inspiration, community, conversation, and accountability. The best part? We go wherever you go.

How It All Began
The Iteration Project began with the need to connect with others and to be accountable to a continued creative practice. With a recent move away from one of the nation’s big dance communities I found more space and freedom to create but less community to create within. So I began thinking of ways to connect with friends and colleagues around the world.

Why couldn’t we have a community of creatives that neither depends on nor requires physical presence in the same location, that holds members accountable to a creative practice and challenges them to expand, explore, and amplify their voices? We are fortunate to have the technology that makes this possible and our hope is that no matter where you are or how you create, you can and will be a part of this and share yourself with all of us. Welcome to The Iteration Project.

How It All Works
The key for creativity is to continue to create, everyday. Repeatedly creating to build a practice of art. Pruning, refining, and building vocabulary for a deeper practice. Asking oneself to expand explorations. And, most importantly, simply making something when you have no idea where to start, where to go, or how to continue. The beginning can often be the hardest part. Walking into an empty studio alone. Finding the first question to ask that opens the door to new explorations. The list goes on about the difficulties of beginnings.

The Project is structured so that once a week a new prompt will be posted. These prompts are designed to create the beginning for you with no pressure to continue beyond the first creative act. Use them however you want. The goal is simply to create and to share.