Have you ever had the thought that words aren’t enough? That there is no language for the idea you’re trying to express?

I’ve heard people say they dance to express the things they can’t express any other way. And, well, I totally get it. While that’s not the case for me (I dance because I’m too chicken to do anything else), I’ve found that as part of this multi-year project I’ve been working on, language is constantly failing me.

This week’s community prompt/question is one of those cases where language just falls short. The task: Define yourself. The difficult part? You can’t use definitions of your physical body, your cultural associations, your geographic location, or any of the other “normal” defining features we use to define yourself.

What does that leave us with? I don’t know. Which is why I’m giving this task to the community. Maybe y’all can figure it out. Or at least help me make some progess.

I know it definitely leaves us with the question of what defines us. My hope is that it might also leave us with a definition of our essence, of our soul, and not just of the person we think we are. How do we get to that definition? Again, I have no idea. Does language exist or is this another instance of failure?

Community, HELP ME OUT. I can’t wait to see what you do, what you struggle with, what you come up with, or what questions you end up asking.



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