Art in the time of a global pandemic. Who thought that would be a thing we’d be writing about here? Not you? Me either. But here we are and it’s absolutely amazing to see all of the artists that are figuring out how to collaborate, give class, take class, make art, and generally stay connected via the internet at a time when in-person get togethers just aren’t possible.

This is and has been the basis of The Iteration Project for 3.5 years and we couldn’t be more excited to see how others approach this and what they do. So, here’s one (or three) more option for staying at home and staying in art, meeting some new people, getting challenged, making something, throwing it all away and maybe starting over.

The Wrecking Project

This is a massive group project in the spirit of the ‘wrecking’ process developed by New York choreographer, Susan Rethorst. The idea is that we create a large pool of source material from submissions to the prompt, 13 Ways to Say Hello, which is then made available for people to use however they like. Everything is welcome–drawings, videos, poetry readings, sound scores, etc. The more people that submit things and the more things you submit, the more stuff you have to work with. Spread the word, invite your friends.

Step 1. You can submit material here (

Your submission gains you access to the pool of material with which you can do anything you want…as long as you credit the original artists. It’s like we’re all putting our crayons and pencils and markers in the box for the group to use. I certainly like crayons. Do you? I think you do. And the more the merrier. Invite your friends.

It’s called The Wrecking Project because you can wreck and tear up, rebuild and collage the source material in anyway you want. The idea is to create an entirely new work and then get excited to see what and how others created work with the same source material. That’s Step 2.

Step 2. Share your wrecks (

Share your mashups, share the new art you just made from wrecking your own and someone else’s. Don’t hold things precious, but be precious with your intent. Be mindful and wild. Be all the things you want to be and may be afraid of. Wreck all the work. Wreck all the wrecks. And share.

The Partner Program

If there’s one thing I know about this community it’s that y’all are some serious bada** artists and humans and I think you should all know each other. Also, working in groups is hard. Working as a partnership one-on-one with your new best friend for life is a little less daunting. Hence, The Partner Program.

The goal? Expand your circle, meet new people, have an accountability buddy for a few weeks, share inspiration, and make.

Step 1. Fill out this form and submit your contact information

Step 2. Get paired one-on-one with someone that you don’t know living somewhere in the world that you are not.

Step 3. Contact that person and make some art or participate in The Wrecking Project together.

I’ll be facilitating partnerships as best I can, strongly suggesting you do a prompt or two together or engage in The Wrecking Project. I’ll periodically check in over the next two weeks, but you get out of it what you put in…i.e. it’s mostly up to you guys.

Daily Creative Prompts

Creative prompts have been the foundation and backbone of TIP for the last 3.5 years. They’re still available and waiting to be tackled. Jump in. Or just stick your pinky toe in. Whatever you want to do. You’re an adult. But I think you should just go for it rather than slink your way in.

Step 1. Find a prompt and make art.

Step 2. Share it on Instagram and tag @theiterationproject so we can repost it and share it with the world.


2 thoughts on “Art in the time of COVID-19: Resources

  1. Love that you’re creating this large scale wrecking! Would be nice to also credit Susan Rethorst with the idea of wrecking as she’s been known for this method for decades.

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