In the Fall of 2017 The Iteration Project community was commissioned by Helen Hansen French and Lauren Slone to be a part of BEACON: A Performance Series for St. Pete. To say we were excited about this would be an understatement. The project, which you can read about here, would involve the entire community in the production of a dance film centered on 6 shared, community-wide, creative prompts. 

The final film, From Her Beacon Hand, premiered at the BEACON18 performance in January 2018. We wanted to share that film with all of you. So, here it is: a film commissioned by and in collaboration with BEACON. Made possible by the contribution of work from 16 artists and members of The Iteration Project  in 12 cities around the country.

Ashleigh Adamec | San Francisco, CA
Harper Addison | Knoxville, TN
Sarah-Luella Baker | Portland, OR
Elizabeth A. Baker | St. Petersburg, FL
Sarah Bush | Oakland, CA
Mary Chase Doll | Tampa, FL
Morgan Frasier | Chicago, IL
Robin Gordon | Tampa, FL
Helen Hansen French | St. Petersburg, FL
Haley Heckethorn | Chicago, IL
Jamie Melaragno Schuler | Boulder, CO
Jan Neuberger | St. Petersburg, FL
Herman Ramos | Gainesville, FL
Dawn Robinson-Patrick | Los Angeles, CA
Lauren Slone | Columbus, OH
Jaclyn Weber | West Palm Beach, FL

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