At the beginning of the year we announced some exciting news for 2018. Each month this year we’re posing a new challenge or opportunity for TIP community members. January was the #15daychallenge of creating something for 15 consecutive days. This month? We’re matching you with another artist outside of your community, giving your conversation a few nudges, prompting a couple of check-ins, and leaving the rest up to you. We’re calling it the #TIPpenpal program (lots of P’s, I know).

As I’ve been getting to know you all individually over the past year, one thing stands out. You are each unique, brilliant, open-hearted, and curious. The nature of this community (and the beautiful thing about it, I might add) is that we all live in different places. Why not take advantage of that, build an even stronger community, and give you the opportunity to open your artistic and personal horizons? So, #TIPpenpal.

The goal? Expand your circle, meet new people, have an accountability buddy for a few weeks, share inspiration, and make.

We will be sending out weekly prompts as usual, and as we hear back from you on what you’d like more of, we’ll send out additional #TIPpenpal specific prompts, too. Clearly, this is our first time at this rodeo, so we are finding our way through the dark and I think we’ll see some brilliant light along the way.

To be a part of #TIPpenpal for the month of February sign up here.

We’ll be drawing and announcing partners in an Instagram live video on Monday, February 5. Be sure to tune in!


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