June Challenge: #TIPwreck

We have a new, very exciting, challenge for you this month that we're calling the #TIPwreck. Remember when we did a collaborative video for BEACON: A Performance Series for St. Pete? Well, we've decided to do something similar and open up the "wrecking" process to the whole community. Here's the gist: From now through June … Continue reading June Challenge: #TIPwreck

March Challenge: A Body Of Work

After 75 weeks of short, get-the-juices-flowing work, we thought it was time to dig a little deeper. This month we're challenge you to create a #bodyofwork.  The idea is to spend the month creating based on a single thought or for one particular work you want to develop. Weekly prompts will still go out and you … Continue reading March Challenge: A Body Of Work

February Challenge: TIP Pen Pal Program

At the beginning of the year we announced some exciting news for 2018. Each month this year we're posing a new challenge or opportunity for TIP community members. January was the #15daychallenge of creating something for 15 consecutive days. This month? We're matching you with another artist outside of your community, giving your conversation a … Continue reading February Challenge: TIP Pen Pal Program