We have a new, very exciting, challenge for you this month that we’re calling the #TIPwreck. Remember when we did a collaborative video for BEACON: A Performance Series for St. Pete? Well, we’ve decided to do something similar and open up the “wrecking” process to the whole community. Here’s the gist:

From now through June 15 you can submit your videos, images, poetry, soundscapes, compositions, and anything else you create with one of TIPs prompts to “The Pool.”

“The Pool” will then be made available to anyone who has submitted and wants to create a new work from the other submissions. Make sense? We hope so.


  1. You will only have access to “The Pool” if you submit work. But, you can submit work without having to do anything else.
  2. Submitted work should be based on any of TIPs current or past prompts.
  3. You understand that by submitting your work, you are allowing others to do whatever they want with your submission. They can cut it up, use pieces, pick certain lines, learn the choreography, etc. But, you will always be credited as the original author of your work.
  4. By “wrecking” others’ work and creating something new, you understand that you must credit the original artist(s). You also understand that the final “wrecked” work you create can not be submitted to festivals, sold, or presented outside of The Iteration Project. If you share your final composite work on social media you must list and credit the original artists as well as acknowledge The Iteration Project and the June Challenge, #TIPwreck.
  5. Have fun. Think outside the box. Be curious. Don’t be perfect.

Send your submissions to info@theiterationproject.org by June 15. Include your full name (how you would like to be credited) and what the prompt for the work was.

Inspired by Lynda Davis, Christy Funsch, Nancy Smith Fichter, Lauren Slone, and Helen Hansen French, this June Challenge is a very special one. So, do it with love and let your horizons open.




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