Inspiration List: Vo. 1

In case you haven't found something to inspire you lately, here are a few things I've been listening to, reading, watching, and thoroughly enjoying. I think there's something in here for you, too. This podcast about creativity and where it comes from. This book about being the person you know you can be. These pictures … Continue reading Inspiration List: Vo. 1

June Challenge: #TIPwreck

We have a new, very exciting, challenge for you this month that we're calling the #TIPwreck. Remember when we did a collaborative video for BEACON: A Performance Series for St. Pete? Well, we've decided to do something similar and open up the "wrecking" process to the whole community. Here's the gist: From now through June … Continue reading June Challenge: #TIPwreck

Unicorns Suck, Roadblocks Rule, and Inspiration is B.S.

Before you try it, let me warn you about the perils of google-ing "creativity". The only thing you'll find are countless articles and programs teaching you how to "unleash," "harness," or "tap into" your creativity. I'm going to let that sink in for a minute. . . . Everything about those statements implies that we have this … Continue reading Unicorns Suck, Roadblocks Rule, and Inspiration is B.S.