After a year and a half of weekly prompts, a few fun projects, and several challenges, we’re so excited to announce the launch of two old ideas in a new form.  We are now offering a monthly prompt list to interested members and also a new and improved TIP Partner Program.

From your feedback and from our own experience, it turns out that the TIP Pen Pal Program was just as awesome as we hoped it would be.  It’s become very clear to us that it’s a valuable and important resource for connecting you to other artists and to helping you expand your circle.  

That’s why we’re launching what we’re now calling the TIP Partner Program. For $10, you’ll get:

  • An artist partner, who lives and works in a different community, for the month
  • Two Partner Program specific prompts
  • A set of conversation starters for you and your partner to work through
  • Access to the 30-day prompt list of the month
  • Continued access to community-wide opportunities and weekly prompts

I’ve loved being able to provide prompts and connections to the artistic community, but as we grow, thankfully there’s more and more to do. TIP will always have public, free prompts but creating priced offerings as well helps me give the time and attention to grow and provide even more.

We also think that with a little skin in the game you and your partner will be more engaged and “on the same page” in terms of commitment (which is what we heard from 100% of our survey respondents).

In addition to the Partner Program we’re also very excited to launch our Daily Prompt option.

Maybe you don’t have time to engage with someone for the month but you’re looking for deeper commitment to your own practice. If that’s you, then the daily prompts are where it’s at.

Beginning April 15, you’ll have the opportunity to receive daily prompts for the whole month for only $5.

Want to sign up? You’ll find all the information you need right here.  To be eligible for the April 15 round of partners, sign up by April 13. It’s what all the cool kids are doing.


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