June Challenge: #TIPwreck

We have a new, very exciting, challenge for you this month that we're calling the #TIPwreck. Remember when we did a collaborative video for BEACON: A Performance Series for St. Pete? Well, we've decided to do something similar and open up the "wrecking" process to the whole community. Here's the gist: From now through June … Continue reading June Challenge: #TIPwreck

TIP Partner Program Launch

After a year and a half of weekly prompts, a few fun projects, and several challenges, we’re so excited to announce the launch of two old ideas in a new form.  We are now offering a monthly prompt list to interested members and also a new and improved TIP Partner Program. From your feedback and … Continue reading TIP Partner Program Launch

A Creative Process Recipe, As Told By Twyla (…sort of)

You know how sometimes you just have to learn things the hard way? Or how you don't know how important certain things/people/processes are until they're gone? Yeah, that's me. Especially with dance.   In graduate school I failed to learn the single most important lesson there was to learn. The program I attended was structured in … Continue reading A Creative Process Recipe, As Told By Twyla (…sort of)